05 September 2013, News
Société des musiciens extraordinaires
  Société des musiciens extraordinaires is een gelegenheid waar musici bestaande en nieuwe composities van nieuwe klassieke muziek aan elkaar voorspelen en met elkaar bespreken.   Met een groep genodigden komen we geregeld bijeen. Op deze manier willen we een netwerk van musici opbouwen, van waaruit we meer aandacht willen geven aan de nieuwe  klassieke muziek. We willen graag dat deze muziek een volwaardige plaats krijgt naast de gangbare klassieke muziek in Nederland.   ...
08 October 2012, News
A word of thanks for my "5 simple pieces books" enthusiasts
Dear Musicaneo enthousiasts,     The last of my simple pieces for piano!   My letter is especially for the pianists of all levels at Musicaneo and outside of Musicaneo those who take a little peek for once in a while.   These last six months   I am working on my simple pieces for piano and I enjoy this very much. It’s really nice to work on these little compositions but everything must come to an end, even these lovely little works. I am sorry! I see ...
25 May 2012, News
Nocturne No.11 for piano, MVWV 683
Hi There fellow M.N.'s Yes the 11th Nocturne is a fact and in little time to be seen on my site . For those who read my article; you will unsterstand now,  seen the first page of the compostion what I mean in this article:    Accusing finger pointed at today's mediocre pianists For those who didn't read it...please do! (Yes there are pianists who can play these works; I know one..thats why I compose them) Best regards Maurice sorry for the missing Mp3 ...
21 May 2012, News
New in Blog: Accusing finger pointed at today's mediocre pianists
What strikes me most in recent years in Holland (and maybe it’s the same all around the world for all I know) is that, for the most part, only the old recognized masters are performed by today's pianists -   and by old masters I mean such figures as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and to a lesser extent Schönberg, Stravinsky and Messiaen.   Performances of   more “modern” works by post 1950 composers are virtually non-existant. .... read more in my blog
15 May 2012, News
Prelude for Guitar and Castanets
A very beautiful and difficult guitar work. This work I made for a friend of mine.
15 May 2012, News
Narrative quartet No.1 for Clarinet Bb, Oboe, Cello and piano
Today published: Narrative quartet No.1 for Clarinet Bb, Oboe, Cello and piano