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15 September 2015, Article
Société des musiciens extraordinaires The “Scociété des musiciens extraordinaires” intends to create a possibility for musicians to present new classical compositions either by performing for eachother or discussing the new works with members of the society. A group of invitees will meet regularly, building a network of musicians that gives more thought to the new classical music. We would very much like to see that this music gets the recognition`it deserves, next to the current classical ...
02 September 2013, Article
Faulx bourdon
Faulx bourdon   inleiding; Je moet weten dat de meerstemmigheid  zoals wij die kennen in west europa is voort gekomen uit het musiceren in parallelle intervallen. De oorzaak daarvan is terug te voeren tot de Griekse en Romeinse oudheid. De orgels die in de theaters werden gebruikt waren voorzien van mixturen waardoor de melodie in parallellie ten uitvoer werd gebracht. Waarom? Om tijdens een openluchtuitvoering de klank van het instrument meer draagkracht te geven en andere oorzaak ...
16 April 2013, Article
The Fifth piano sonata
The Fifth piano sonata Soon I will up load my Fifth piano sonata This sonata has a total time 0f 5 hour and 28 minutes (maybe more)!! At my knowledge this will be the largest, biggest and most difficult sonata in classical form  there is. Around 6500 measures of extreme, complex, finger breaking and mind puzzling piano hardness! Please Musicaneo make an exaptation and give me more storage than the normal 20 Mb
22 January 2013, Article
Score cataloque Part 2
Haiku No.35 for male choir, MVWV 456 Haiku No.36 for male choir, MVWV 457 Haiku No.37 for male choir, MVWV 458 Haiku No.38 for male choir, MVWV 459 Haiku No.39 for male choir, MVWV 460 Haiku No.40 for male choir, MVWV 461 Haiku No.41 for male choir, MVWV 462 Haiku No.42 for male choir, MVWV 463 Haiku No.43 for male choir, MVWV 464 Haiku No.44 for ...
22 January 2013, Article
Score cataloque Part 1
Facies tantum est, Oratorium MVWV 9 String quartet No.1  MVWV 23 Flute Quartet (four Flutes), MVWV 35 Cello suite No.1, MVWV 36 Song for Soprano and piano No.2 on a poem of Leconte de Lisle, MVWV 37 Song for Soprano, Violin and Cello on a poem of Leon Montenaeken, MVWV 38 Song for Soprano, Cello and piano on a poem of Max Waller, MVWV 39 Song for Soprano and piano No.5 on a ...
21 May 2012, Article
Accusing finger pointed at today's mediocre pianists
What strikes me most in recent years in Holland (and maybe it’s the same all around the world for all I know) is that, for the most part, only the old recognized masters are performed by today's pianists -   and by old masters I mean such figures as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and to a lesser extent Schönberg, Stravinsky and Messiaen.   Performances of   more “modern” works by post 1950 composers are virtually non-existant.   Why is this? Why are the works ...